Music Prodigy changing landscape of KISD music program

ByLandan Kuhlmann, The Katy Rancher
Tuesday, September 8, 2015

KATY, TX -- With the growth in its music program mirroring the city it sits in, the Katy Independent School District (KISD) now faces the need for advanced technology in all music classrooms

The Music Prodigy is a new cloud-based assessment and practice tool for musicians. More than 5,000 Katy ISD students can now use any device--computer, tablet or smart phone--to evaluate their instrumental or singing performance. First introduced to students and instructors this summer, Music Prodigy "listens" to a performer and gives immediate feedback to right and wrong notes.

"The program assesses a student's performance by highlighting the notes played or sung as correct (green) or incorrect (red) notes and rhythms," said KISD Executive Director of Fine Arts Michael Ouellette. "A report is then sent from the program to the instructor with an assessment of how the student did as well as how long the student practiced assigned materials."

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