Friends and neighbors mourn Houston family killed in mass shooting

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Two days after Dwayne and Valerie Jackson, and six children were murdered inside their home, friends and strangers continue to pay respects to the lives cut short.

PHOTOS: Scene where 6 children and 2 adults were found dead

"I was heartbroken," says Jessica Williams. "I saw it on the news and my mouth just dropped open. My eyes welled up with tears because how can you do that to a kid?"

Jessica Williams says she only knew the family in passing, but hurts as if she knew them personally.

"We didn't know them by name or anything like that. But the three youngest would be out here playing all the time and whenever we'd walk by they'd always want to come see the baby, talk to the baby and shake her hand and stuff. They thought she was so pretty."

Carmen Alix's son was friends with Dwayne Jackson Junior, the 10-year-old killed.

"He stayed at my house plenty of nights," she tells us. "He spent the night, came to family functions. He was a cool little kid."

She says Dwayne told her several times that he was scared of David Conley III, the man charged with tying them all up and shooting them.

"Those kids didn't deserve that."

No word at this point on funeral arrangements for the eight victims. Relatives tell me they will likely be buried in Wisconsin.

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