Man arrested for Xbox robbery and murder in Humble

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A man wanted for capital murder is now in custody. Crime Stoppers put out an alert for a reward for Kyle Jackson. He was caught the same day, but not by a tip. Instead, he met his probation officer, who then took him to police.

Jackson, 21, was the last of three capital murder suspects to be taken into custody.

"He was looking at time on another case he had pending and I think he was worried about that," said Lt. Eric Squier, Humble Police Department.

Humble police say Jackson, Davon Arrington and Clavia Laville robbed Anthony Marroquin, taking a phone, an Xbox console and controllers. Detectives found Marroquin dead inside his living room after the robbery.

"It was at home, they kicked in the door and went in and shot and killed him, during a robbery," said Squier.

Court records say before all of this, Arrington had used the victim's car and wrecked it.

After the murder, detectives discovered a citation for Arrington inside of the victim's home.

It was one clue, with many others to follow.

"Videos in the area was our first break in the case," said Squier.

Videos linked the suspect's car not just to the scene, but also to what happened after.

Detectives say in less than two hours after the murder, the crooks went to three places to sell the stolen items, including a Game Stop, Walmart and another Game Stop.

All located within five and a half miles of the victim's home. Now, all three suspects are behind bars.

"Anytime we can take a killer off the streets, it puts a relief to the community," said Squier.

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