Ft. Bend Co. student claims officer broke her arm

SUGAR LAND, TX (KTRK) -- We met 16-year-old Angelica Rodriguez and her father, Jesse Rodriguez, at the Hanger Clinic where he says she's seeing a specialist about her fractured arm, an injury she says she received Wednesday at the M.R. Wood Alternative School in the Ft. Bend ISD.

Angelica says she walked through a metal detector. It went off so she had to be searched, and claims she asked for a female to search her. The officer reportedly denied her request, so she resisted a search by him.

"I pulled from him," she told us. "When I pulled from him, he grabbed my arm. He twisted it and he elbowed it. When he elbowed it, he had put all his weight on me and that's when my arm just went numb. It just hurt and I was in pain."

"When I found out who it was and how and why it happened, I was furious," said Jessie Rodriguez. "I was furious, and I still am."

We reached out to the district Thursday and they got back to us with the following statement.

"The safety and welfare of all our students and staff is our highest priority. Yesterday, a female student entering an alternative education campus set off the metal detector multiple times. If a metal detector is activated, school staff have an obligation to determine the cause in order to protect all students and staff. Several female employees attempted to find out what was setting off the alarm. When the student did not cooperate, a school resource officer intervened. The student continued to resist efforts by the officer and staff to determine if the unknown object was a threat. And, the officer then acted quickly and physically prevented the student from reaching for the unknown object. It is our practice to review any incident where physical force is used."

We'll continue to follow this story and bring you any new developments.
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