Motorcyclist sues sheriff's department in Washington State after detective pulls gun on him

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Detective pulls gun on motorcylist (KTRK)

An unarmed motorcyclist is suing after a traffic stop in Washington State, after a gun was pulled on him.

KCPO-TV reports a motorcyclist says he will sue the King County Sheriff's Department, after a detective pulled a gun on him during a routine traffic stop in in 2017.

The incident was caught on cell phone video by the motorcyclist. You can hear the motorcyclist calmly asking the detective, "Why do you have a gun on me? I'm unarmed."

The video launched an internal investigation and got the plain-clothed detective suspended for five days. The department claims the detective behaved inappropriately, but did not use excessive force.

The motorcyclist who was pulled over, Alex Randall, believes a five day suspension for the detective is not enough, adding that he admits he was speeding, but says that does not excuse the deputy's behavior.

The King County Sheriff's Detective who made the stop, Rich Rowe, did not identify himself until more than 30 seconds into the traffic stop.
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