Mother of murdered man calls his accused lover a liar

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The mother of a man shot and killed by a possible lover talked exclusively with ABC13 Eyewitness News.

Debra Davis is charged with murder, accused of killing Rodney Johnson. Her attorney claimed the shooting was in self-defense.

However, Johnson's mother said that's not true. She told us Davis was upset because Johnson was ending their romantic relationship and had been acting out.

"She burned his clothes. She should have said it was over with, and went on with her life," said Johnson's mother.

Prosecutors said on Tuesday night Davis showed up at a Sunnyside home where Rodney Johnson was. Authorities have described Johnson as Davis' common-law husband.

They said Davis was upset because Johnson was with another woman. Prosecutors said she pepper sprayed him, drove off and turned back around and came back and shot him.

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However, Davis' attorney said Davis was defending herself and said Johnson had a baseball bat and was threatening her.

Davis' attorney also said Johnson and Davis did not have a romantic relationship, so that was not a motive in the shooting. Johnson and Davis did live together.

"She let him live there in exchange for him doing odd jobs for her. Eventually, addiction reared its ugly head. He returned to drugs. He returned to alcohol. Specifically he was smoking crack again, and she couldn't put up with it. The increased drug use led to increased violence, and he would often threaten to kill not just Ms. Davis, but also her family," said Emily Detoto, Davis' attorney.

However, Johnson's mother said she had met Davis on several occasions. She said Johnson and Davis were romantically involved. She also said that her son was not violent and was not a drug addict. Johnson's mother said Davis was lying.

"She's lying and she knows he wasn't like that. Anyone can tell you my son is not abusive and he's not violent," said Johnson's mother.

Detoto said Davis was fed up with Johnson's drug use and went to the Sunnyside home to give him some of his things the night of the shooting.

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