Montrose juice bar owner believes burglaries may be inside job

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A Montrose juice bar has taken a second financial hit in three days after another early morning break-in.

Nourish Juice Bar co-owner Gerry Doiron said he believes the suspects have inside information because they know exactly where to go.

"When you feel like you were targeted, that's when you start taking it personal, and I'm taking it very, very, very personal," Doiron said. "I feel like they've been instructed on how to rob me."

The two masked suspects used a crow bar to get inside Doiron's office on Thursday and took cash that is kept stashed away.

Early Sunday morning, Doiron received another call from his alarm company. He said he checked his cameras and saw that his business was being hit again.

It was only one suspect this time. They took his cash drawer and broke one of his registers.

"What's it going to take?" Doiron asked. "Me and my dog sit up here with a gun? That's how I feel. I'm just going to sit up here and protect. Then, what does that do?"

He said he has surveillance cameras, but the suspects wear masks.

"When my wife and kids have to experience a negative father, it's tough," Doiron said with tears in his eyes. "When the alarm company calls and wakes you up at all hours because of these types of instances, it's tough."

Anyone with information is urged to contact Houston Police.

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