Mom says son was left alone and severely injured after being hit by car

BAYTOWN, Texas (KTRK) -- The family of a Baytown man who was severely injured after being hit by a hit-and-run driver is thankful their loved one is alive, but furious the driver simply left him behind.

Investigators said 20-year-old Ray Rios was fixing his truck on the side of Highway 146 and Alexander Drive on Saturday when he was hit by a car. Police said the driver then took off, leaving Ray injured and alone.

"Thank God he's alive," said Gina Rios, the victim's mother, as she held back tears. "Thank God he's home, [and] healing. We just need to get this person off the street, because the main thing is: you don't hit somebody, look at them, and drive away like they're nothing. You don't do that to people."

Gina said her son was knocked out after he was hit, but once he regained consciousness, he got up and drove himself to her house.

"When he came in, all we saw was the way he looked," the mother recalled. "[He] collapsed in the middle of our living room floor, [and] we called 911 and everything."

Paramedics took Ray to Clear Lake Regional Hospital where he was treated for several broken bones and severe road rash. Fortunately, his family said he didn't suffer any severe internal injuries.

"I panicked," said Gina. "I got scared. I thought my boy was dying. He was telling us he couldn't breathe."

The 20-year-old is now recovering at home, just a few days before his 21st birthday. His family said they're thankful he's going to live to see another year.

But they're also hopeful police find the driver who hit him.

"If you think less of anybody's life, you shouldn't be on the road," said the weeping mother. "If you hit somebody and you run away, you shouldn't be on the road."

The family is asking anyone with information on the incident to contact Baytown police.

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