Woman still haunted by NW Houston carjacking that left her without car

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- "I thought they were going to shoot me. I was waiting for it," said a mother of two, who wanted to remain anonymous.

It was a frightening ordeal that haunts the woman even in her dreams.

"I keep dreaming they are standing over my bed when I'm asleep with my kids," she said.

Last Thursday in the 5800 block of West Gulf Bank and Antoine, two men ran up behind the woman. One was wearing a ski mask and had a knife while the other had a gun. They demanded she hand over everything she had.

"The guy with the knife, he put it up to my neck and he shoved me to the floor," she explained.

The guy with the gun to her face snatched the victim's car keys out of her hands. At that moment, she was bracing herself for a bullet after one of them yelled out to "shoot her," she recalled.

"I just covered my head and put my head down," she explained.

By the grace of God, they simply took off. However now, she's desperately asking for the public's help, because she doesn't have any money to purchase a new car. It was her only means of transportation to and from work.

"It's a dark blue Kia Sedona," she described, adding the vehicle has significant damage on the driver's side and paper plates on the back window.

Since the incident, she hasn't been home, and at the moment, she's relying on a friend to help her so she doesn't lose her job.

"I'm a single mother and that's the only thing that helps me to my job and back," she said.

If you see her Kia Sedona or know about the incident, call 713-755-7628.

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