Parents on edge after alleged attempted abduction incidents at Houston Zoo

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A woman claims that a strange man tried to talk to her kids at the Houston Zoo. (KTRK)

Some families are on edge about going to the Houston Zoo after a mother says her family was approached by a man who fits the description of a person who allegedly tried to kidnap a child there.

The woman, who did not want to talk on camera, told Eyewitness News she and her three young children had an uncomfortable interaction with a man the day before someone allegedly tried to kidnap 6-year-old Desairay Exom.

Exom told her parents a man tried to grab her while she was at the zoo on a school field trip one week ago.

A police report was filed of the incident.

Exom was not hurt.

After ABC13 aired her story with a description of the alleged kidnapper, the second woman contacted us, saying a man who fit a similar description followed her family and tried to start a conversation with them.

Police release suspect description in attempted abduction at Houston Zoo

Police say 6-year-old Desairay Exom was able to escape an attempted abduction at the Houston Zoo.

Feeling threatened, the woman says she reported the man to a zoo employee, who then escorted the man out without getting his name or filing a report.

Parents who take their kids to the zoo now say they're taking extra precautions.

"I feel safe, but I'm just more cautious. That's why I have her leash on right now. If she's going to want to walk, I don't want her getting too far away because you can't trust anybody these days," said mother Catherine Hannon.

Eyewitness News asked the zoo about their reporting procedures and whether security acted appropriately.

We got essentially the same statement the zoo has been providing since last week:

"The safety and security of our guests, employees and animals is our highest priority. We continue to work with the Houston Police Department and all relevant parties to ensure they have all related, and potentially related materials."

"I've seen security kind of parked in one place. But as far as them going up and down, I think they would be tightening up. I didn't see that today," said mother Dee Spears. "There's no security inside. I guess I didn't take notice of extra security today."

Police say the man who approached Exom is Hispanic, about 5'8", and 155 pounds. He also had on sunglasses.
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