15-year-old girl escapes captors and seeks help from farmer

ALEXANDRIA, Minnesota (KTRK) -- A 15-year-old girl who Minnesota police say was held captive for nearly a month escaped when her captors left her alone for the first time during that span.

According to authorities, Jasmine Block escaped from an abandoned home in Alexandria, Minnesota, earlier this week when her three abductors left her to get food.

She then ran door-to-door to find help before swimming across a part of a lake to another neighborhood, said Alexandria Police Chief Richard Wyffels. WCCO-TV reported that she found a farmer and asked him to call 911.

Police said three men - Thomas Barker, Steven Powers and Joshua Holby - are accused of kidnapping and assaulting the girl.

Wyffles said Barker is an acquaintance of the teen's family. Police said Barker approached the girl outside her home on Aug. 8 and asked for her help with something. The girl went with Barker in a vehicle to the man's home, where she was held against her will.

The girl was moved to other locations, including a cornfield, before winding up in a foreclosed home.

Police said the girl was assaulted by Barker and the other suspects throughout her time in captivity.

The men are being held on charges of kidnapping, false imprisonment, and assault.

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