MMA fighter puts training to use in real world

Monday, July 28, 2014
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Trained in mixed martial arts, a store clerk didn't hestitate to come to another man's defense

HOUSTON -- A local mixed martial arts fighter is talking to us about an incident caught on video where he fights off robbery suspects.

The security video from July 10 shows two men rush up and start attacking a clerk returning to the gas station he works at in southeast Houston. Mayura Dissanayaka was working in the store and ran out to help. He fires off several powerful blows, knocking down a much larger man with the help of his coworkers. The attackers eventually take off.

"I have the skill to fight," Dissanayaka said. "If it's for a good cause, I would do it. Someone is getting beat up pretty badly for no reason, I would stop it."

The clerk who was attacked was returning from getting cash at a bank. Dissanayaka says he was a national martial arts champion in Sri Lanka and started MMA training when he came to America.

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