Woman who wanted to see world before going blind vanishes while traveling in Peru

DETROIT, Michigan -- A woman from the Detroit area has gone missing after traveling to Peru for a wedding.

Relatives said 35-year-old Carla Valpeoz has been missing for nearly a week in the South American country. She was last seen on Dec. 12, after she returned to a hostel from a nightclub in Cusco.

Her brother, Carlos Valpeoz, told The Detroit News his sister's roommate awoke to find her and her belongings gone. He said security footage shows she took a taxi from the hostel. She later missed her flight home to the U.S.

He said the U.S. Department of State told her family she may have ridden a shuttle to another location near Cusco.

Carla Valpeoz is from Dearborn, Michigan, where she works as a travel guide, WXYZ reports.

Carlos Valpeoz said his sister is losing her vision, and was determined to see the world before she no longer could.

"She's done everything in her life to prepare to eventually go blind," he said.

She met a tour group while visiting Machu Picchu on Dec. 11 and mentioned wanting to see the Sacred Valley.

"I know Carla is out there and I know we are going to bring her home safe. It's only a matter of time," Carlos Valpeoz said. "I just want to continue to putting her photo and her description out there and getting as many eyes on this as possible. I love you Carla."

The State Department said it's aware a U.S. citizen has been reported missing in Peru, but declined further comment, citing privacy concerns.

Carla Valpeoz's father traveled to Peru to meet with investigators at the U.S. embassy, try to retrace her steps and hand out flyers to help find his daughter.

CNN contributed to this report.
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