Owners desperate to find 6 missing horses on Houston's south side

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The owners of six horses are desperately searching for their animals after they were discovered missing on Monday afternoon from their stalls.

"I call her and she will normally run to me because it's feeding time," Barry Means said.

Bella is a Tennessee Walker and is one of several horses boarded on a property off of Pederson Street and Noel Street on Houston's south side.

Means got a call from a fellow horse owner on Monday afternoon, alerting him that Bella was nowhere to be found.

"She never showed and I said, 'Well, they have stolen my horse,'" Means said.

In total, six horses are missing from the property and seem to have disappeared sometime Monday afternoon.

"When I call my horses to feed, normally everybody's horses come up," Kendrae Richmond said.

Richmond arrived at the property around 2:30 p.m.Tuesday and says he located his animals, but immediately noticed something was wrong when some of the other horses were unaccounted for.

He walked the property trying to locate the horses, but had no luck and had to make tough phone calls.

"It's messed up. We don't bother nobody," Richmond said. "We stick together. It's like a family and somebody just comes in here and steals horses. It's not right,"

Reports have been filed with the Houston Police Department.

The property does not have any security camera footage and the owners are hoping someone knows what happened and will contact police.

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