Woman offering $500 reward for the return of lost emotional support dog

Monday, December 31, 2018
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BRING FIFI HOME: An owner is offering a reward for anyone who can help her find her emotional support dog.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Three days before Christmas, Jasmine Horne lost an important part of her life, and she's been searching to find it.

Horne took Fifi, a 4-pound toy poodle mix, to a Target store off 290 near Hollister, to pick up last-minute gifts.

"I had her in the shopping basket," Horne said. "Then, a loss prevention officer ran after a shoplifting suspect and it was chaos."

The commotion scared Fifi, who then ran off.

"She jumped out of basket and ran out the door into the parking lot," Horne said. "I didn't run after her because I was afraid she would run into traffic."

That night and each day since, Horne has combed the area, handing out flyers, going to animal shelters and contacting rescue groups to bring Fifi home.

The little dog she's had for eight years is more than a pet, but an emotional support dog. Horne said she deals with anxiety, and the comfort Fifi provides is more powerful than any medication would provide.

"I'm devastated and I need her home," Horne said.

That's changed without her dog.

"It's hard," Horne said, fighting back tears. "It's so cold out and how could you go to sleep at night knowing your dog is somewhere. I feel like I let her down."

Fifi didn't have her tags and collar because she had gone to the groomer. She wasn't microchipped, but she had something that would identify her: A Lakers jersey fitted for her tiny body.

"We moved from California," Horne said. "She's a Kobe fan."

A friend from Dallas is helping in the search and Horne's mother is travelling to Houston to be with her daughter. Horne is offering a $500 reward for the return of her support dog.

"It's so hard without her," Horne said. "She's a part of me. I'm looking for a miracle."

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