Military family discovers Christmas gifts, service medals stolen in Houston

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A military family passing through Houston say their Christmas was ruined after their children's gifts were stolen Christmas Eve morning.

Matthew and Trudi McCall are staying at the Candlewood Suites in the Galleria for three weeks. On Thursday, while they were asleep, they say someone cut the metal lock off their U-Haul and stole thousands of dollars worth of gifts.
Matthew McCall's military medals were also taken.

"Both doors were open and stuff was just all over the ground. It was heartbreaking," Matthew McCall said, pointing to the sidewalk next to the trailer.

They filed a report with HPD and say police told them a white van was caught on camera pulling up to the U-Haul, but surveillance video didn't record the license plate.

"I'm devastated," Trudy McCall said, burying her face in her hands.

The military family from Tennessee is staying at the hotel for two more weeks before moving to Australia. They hope someone who saw something will call the authorities and help them get their gifts back.

"Our budget is tight. We're going to a new country, all our money is pretty much accounted for so we don't have the extra money to go buy new presents for the kids," Matthew said.

Their four and three-year-old children don't know Christmas is over. Their parents don't have the heart to explain the gifts were stolen.

"It's bad enough having to stay in a hotel because we're in transition from the military, but to have that happen on top of it, it was just low," Matthew said.

"I'd like our stuff. If someone's got it, leave it at the trailer, I won't press charges, but I want it back," Trudi said.

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