Vandalized crosswalk signs flip pedestrians the bird

Wednesday, August 31, 2016
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A handful of crosswalk signals around Houston have been vandalized to give pedestrians the middle finger.

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Vandals are getting creative with LED crosswalk signs, leaving the red flashing hand looking like it's giving passersby the finger.

One altered sign stands near Leeland and Lockwood. It's feet from a daycare center and just blocks from multiple schools. Eyewitness News crews saw many children walking right by the obscene gesture.

Another sign, located at the intersection of San Jacinto and Holman in Midtown, is near several businesses.

Kinsla Glasgow opened the Total Hair Elite salon this year and is disappointed to see vandalism so near to the business she's worked hard creating.

"[City crews] are making the neighborhood nice. We want to keep it that way. It's where we live; it's where we work. So, I'd appreciate it if they keep it the way it should be," she said.

Other passersby met the sign at first with laughter, and then eye rolls.

Jordan Boykins, a student at the nearby Houston Community College, said the signs shouldn't be ignored.

"It needs to be changed. The city should have someone come out here and get it fixed immediately because there are children here," Boykins said.

The City of Houston Public Works Department came and fixed the sign on Holman after Eyewitness News asked about it. A representative said it takes less than an hour to make most repairs depending on the amount of damage. He said the city has seen this same type of vandalism before, and it's up to police to investigate and find those responsible.