Michelob Ultra will pay you $50K to explore national parks

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Monday, September 21, 2020
Michelob is looking for a Chief Exploration Officer
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The beer brand is looking for someone willing to travel the country for six months, but there are some qualifications you'll have to meet to be chosen.

Beer-maker Anheuser-Busch is looking for a CEO for one of its brands, but the job description is a bit different.

The job is for a chief of exploration officer for Michelob Ultra Pure Gold.

The brand touts an office with a great view, lots of travel and beer to go with it.

On the website, the job description says the ideal candidate will have a "deep appreciation for nature," and be able to find and take the best photos at national parks to share on the beer brand's social media.

Michelob said the new hire will travel in a camper van that will be equipped with a bathroom and shower, gas money and beer for off days.

A "plus one" will also be able to join you for the adventures, or you can take your furry friend.

Michelob says the job will pay $50,000, and will take applications on its website through the end of the month.