Michelle Obama explains friendship with 'partner in crime' George W Bush

It's a friendship we all know and have come to love.

Now, former first lady Michelle Obama is letting the world in on her special friendship with former President George W. Bush.

During her sold-out book tour stop in Dallas, she said their relationship is celebrated by the world because it gives others hope.

"What people see in that is the hope that we can get beyond a partisanship, that we can see each other as human beings," Obama said, according to Dallas News.

During the Monday night chat at the American Airlines Center, Obama said her friendship with Bush is so strong because he's her "foil," meaning he's silly and she's serious.

"Throughout all these serious ceremonies, he's trying to get me to laugh," she said, according to Dallas News. "'You want a mint? What's going on?' I'm trying to look at Laura like, 'Can you get him?'"

During former President George H.W. Bush's funeral earlier this month, Bush was caught passing the former first lady a piece of candy, and before that he gave her a piece of candy during Sen. John McCain's funeral.

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George W. Bush appeared to sneak candy to Michelle Obama at the state funeral for his father, Pres. George HW Bush

She told NBC's Today Show in October that Bush is her "partner in crime" at those major events.

"That's the beauty of George Bush," she said, according to KGO-TV.

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