Report: Chicago has most authentic Mexican restaurants

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- This might be a shocker to some of you, but apparently Houston does not have the most authentic Mexican restaurants.

According to a report by Datafiniti, the Windy City has the most non-chain Mexican restaurants in America.

The report lists Chicago at No. 1 with 225 and Houston at No. 3 with 177.

Many of us in the ABC13 newsroom were a little shocked with the numbers, questioning how Datafiniti came up with the statistic.

The site also reported Chicago having the most Mexican restaurants at 235. New York and Los Angeles followed with Houston at No. 4.

Eyewitness News did our own research and according to the Houston Health Department data, there are at least 645 Mexican restaurants. And we even found more than 600 taco food trucks from the health department data as well.

Now when you break it down to per capita though, there are a few Texas cities that make the list. That includes Humble at No. 1, Spring at No. 3 and McAllen at No. 17.

With all of this to take into consideration, as a Houston TV station, we must brag about not only the variety of restaurants in and around the city, but the Mexican restaurants that are a must-visit.

We'd love to get your input on this. If you have ever visited Chicago and have dined at one of the city's Mexican restaurants, how does it compare to the ones here in Houston? Let us know on the ABC13 Facebook page.

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