METRO's new Northwest Transit Center opens

Wednesday, December 2, 2020
METRO opens new transit center
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The major hub now connects several bus routes and offers more parking spaces.

A new METRO transit center is now open, and it offers nearly double the parking in one of the lots.

METRO's Northwest Transit Center, a major hub that connects several bus routes, is offering more than 200 more parking spaces in Parking Lot A.

The expansion increases the number of parking spaces from 256 to 461. Parking Lot B, located across the street, will still offer 250 spaces. But, METRO has stopped the shuttle service from that lot, now that Parking Lot A is open. New pedestrian crosswalks connect the lots.

The Northwest Transit Center remodel also includes increasing the number of bus bays from 12 to 20, updating lighting and video surveillance, and adding a METRO Ride Store slated to open next year. The facility also allows drivers to connect directly to the HOV lanes on I-10 and 290.

The transit center also services METRO's new Silver Rapid Line that goes down the dedicated bus lanes on 610 and Post Oak Boulevard.

Closures for construction began in the summer of 2019.

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