Man runs with American flag to honor veterans

HOUSTON, TX (KTRK) -- If you swung by Houston's Memorial Park, you might've seen a man running with the American Flag.

Michael Murphy often runs with Old Glory during packed community races in honor of veterans. He's part of TEAM RWB.

The crisis over COVID-19 canceled all big events. Murphy said he wasn't going to let social isolation stop him from honoring veterans.

"We could've canceled. We could've said no," said Murphy. " I'm inviting anyone who knows a veteran. Buy a flag. Carry it any distance that you can. Make it an honor flag run of your own."

Murphy ran today in what he called a "Weekend to Remember." He ran in honor of veteran Jack Ledford. Ledford served for 10 years in the Marine Corps. At the end of Murphy's race, he presented Ledford with a flag. He said he still wants to thank veterans every chance he gets.

"At a time today, it's more important than any we all need to be steeping up and serving," said Ledford. "Saying thank you to the medial workers and as well as leadership in our country."
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