Meek Mill protégé Lil Nizzy shot while riding bikes with cousin

GRAYS FERRY, Pennsylvania -- A young rapper and his teenage cousin were rushed to the hospital after being shot early Monday morning in Philadelphia.

Police say 20-year-old Nasir Talington, known by his rap name "Lil Nizzy," and 16-year-old Hakin Bey were bleeding in the street.

Both Talington and Bey were shot multiple times.

Nasir Talington and Hakim Bey

"He walks out the door, said 'Okay, see you later bro,' and not even two minutes later, I hear seven gunshots," said his sister, Najae Talington.

The young men, who live in the area, were on bikes at the time and were shot at close proximity.

"I just seen a lot of blood coming from his back side. I didn't know if he was hit," said Najae Talington.
Police say the shooter ran from the scene.

"Two people I knew on bikes laying in the street here, blood was coming out, all the neighbors started running out," said neighbor Otis George.

"Lil Nizzy" is an up-and-coming rapper in the area, and his sister believes his recent success may have provided a motive for the shooting.

"I think it was jealousy," she said. "Because he don't bother nobody. He minds his business, takes care of his family and supports his fans."

Police have not released a motive for this shooting.

Nasir Talington is temporarily paralyzed. Both he and Bey are in stable condition.

Both will have to undergo additional surgeries.
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