Ellen DeGeneres and McDonald's give scholarships to UH students who created fake ad

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The University of Houston students who hung up a self-made ad at a Pearland McDonald's received a big surprise.

On Monday, Jevh Maravilla and Christian Toledo were featured on the Ellen Show, where she surprised both students with a $25,000 check from McDonald's. Not only that, but Ellen also shared they would be featured in an upcoming marketing campaign for the hamburger chain.

Maravilla and Toledo caught Ellen's attention with their story of how they went to pretty great lengths to see more Asian representation in a McDonald's ad.

Together, they created a pretty realistic ad, had it blown up and then dressed as employees using a McDonald's employee uniform found at a thrift shop.

Months after hanging up the photo, they returned to the fast food restaurant and noticed it was still there.

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According to a spokesperson with McDonald's, that poster was removed nearly two weeks ago due to scheduled renovations being done to the lobby.

The spokesperson added that the poster cannot be rehung in the restaurant, but will be donated to the Ronald McDonald's Houston to auction at an upcoming fundraiser.
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