It may be harder to get a good mattress soon

If you are ready to get rid of your mattress, guess what? You are not alone. Mattress sales are going through the roof for some very interesting reasons.

We are using our mattresses for much more than sleeping. Work from home, online school, the mattress is the go-to place to get things done, and a lot of people upgraded in 2020.

"It probably ranked one, if not the best year they ever had," said Youval Meicler of Texas Mattress Makers.

Meicler says new mattresses are in big demand, and you can thank the pandemic for it

As people look to improve their homes, the bed is the thing many are replacing.

But there could soon be trouble in dreamland.

"The pandemic has caused an enormous shortage of raw materials, enormous, that everyday people don't feel it as of yet. I'm sad to say they will probably feel the costs going up in the next two to three months," said Meicler.

COVID-19, the busy hurricane season and even the winter power outage have caused supply chain problems. Manufacturers who get raw products from chemicals plants are running low on supplies.

"So you are running out of raw materials to the point that we are being put on allocations," said Meicler.

That means deals on beds are going to become harder to find.

"If you had shopped three months ago with a particular store, with a particular unit that you wanted to buy, the likelihood of that unit still being there is probably slim to none," said Meicler.

You may find delivery time for furniture longer as we see raw goods shortages pile up.

You can still go to the store to try out a new mattress. Even with COVID-19 restrictions, they have liners for customers and do deep cleaning as well.

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