Mattress Firm's Houston BEDquarters might just be the coolest office in town

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Step inside Mattress Firm's Houston BEDquarters
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When it comes to employee amenities, Mattress Firm's Houston BEDquarters takes the cake.

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- The new Mattress Firm Headquarters might just be the coolest office in town.

The 130,000-square-foot "BEDquarters" in southwest Houston comes with ping pong tables, indoor swings, arcade games and sleeping pods for employees to take power naps during their work day.

"We are a fun company and wanted to make this a fun space," said Cory Lundens, vice president of culture and events. "We are really proud of our Houston heritage and you will see that in our visually stunning meeting rooms."

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Another favorite space for Mattress Firm employees is "The Plate," an onsite café that serves breakfast, lunch and -- of course -- endless soft serve ice cream.

"I love the feedback from our employees," said COO Karrie Forbes. "They are literally out and about and collaborating, and you can see the creativity being fostered. Everyone is able to mix a little bit of fun with a whole lot of hard work."

Mattress Firm was founded in Houston more than 30 years ago.