Take us back! Maroon 5 begs for return to Rodeo in sweet apology

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Monday, June 11, 2018
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Adam Levine apologizes to the Houston Rodeo and wants to come back to play.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Maroon 5 must be missing the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo something fierce.

During the Houston stop of their Red Pill Blues tour Sunday night at Toyota Center, the group's frontman Adam Levine apologized to the Rodeo and the City of Houston for being a bad boy.

Levine said that the last time the group performed at the Rodeo years ago, he let a few naughty words slip out on stage.

"I saw there was a monitor, and I was new at this thing. So I saw this monitor, and I guess somebody was typing all the words that the people were saying on the stage for everyone to see. For whatever reason, I saw the opportunity to say a bunch of bad words," Levine explained.

Levine, clad in a Wu-Tang Clan shirt, continued to make his case. "I was like, 'Oh, I can say anything. The poor person that was writing this must have been so upset," he said.

Levine added that he was confident the band must have burned bridges with the Rodeo and made one final plea.

"If y'all ever want to have us back to play the Houston rodeo, we would love to be there curse word free!" Levine said to screams and cheers Sunday night.

It appears his quest for a little love and sympathy worked.

The Rodeo tweeted that Maroon 5 is welcome to come back anytime.

If Levine's apology isn't enough to convince you he's a changed man, he also claimed he's a perfect angel now.

Plus, he said he's also a Houston Astros fan, so who could stay mad at him?

Let's see if Maroon 5 ends up on the entertainer list next year.