Woman's body found by neighbor walking dog in southeast Houston

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A homeowner in southeast Houston made a grisly discovery Friday morning -- a partially clad woman dead in a field by his home.

Sandy Hook near Binghampton is a dead end street. Neighbors say there is only one way in and out and they did not notice anything unusual overnight.

Alfredo Herrera, who found the woman's body, says she was next to a fence bordering a large field. The discovery was made around 6:30 a.m. Friday.

"I told my wife, I told my daughter, 'Call the police, I found someone back here,'" he said.

Herrera was walking his dog in a field by his home when he saw a woman's leg near a fence.

"The female body was face down," he said. "She had no dress, no clothes."

Herrera said the body was cold to the touch.

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Neighbors say a man walking his dog found the body.

Herrera told neighbors the body is that of a light brown skinned woman in her 30's, and she appeared to have a cloth around her neck.

Neighbor Luis Salazar said, "She was wearing some type of, or had some type of white sheet around her neck, kind of strangled type deal and maybe she was beat up, from what he described."
Neighbors say they usually watch the dead-end street closely to make sure no one is leaving trash, but apparently no one saw anything strange overnight.

Neighbor Terry Gilbert said, "I'm out all hours of the night. I come through here this morning at 5 a.m., and my wife and kids go to work early, so I am out here looking."

Neighbors say the field is not easy to cross because of recent rainfall and typically very few people walk through it.

"There is no traffic," said neighbor Walter Aguilera. "There is nobody really going out there. It is pretty chill, pretty quiet."

So far all we know about the woman comes from the man who found her. Homicide detectives are investigating.

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