Man surrenders peacefully to SWAT after barricading himself in home for hours

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Man surrenders peacefully to SWAT after barricading himself in home for hours (KTRK)

A Kingwood man is facing criminal charges after causing an Easter morning stand-off that lasted for seven hours.

Walking out of his house with his hand in the air, the suspect was not wearing a shirt or shoes as he peacefully surrendered.

"The suspect is telling us he doesn't understand why we're here. he's acting like he has no idea what he did wrong or why the police have his house surrounded," said Houston Police Lt. rick Besselman.

Houston Police, SWAT and K9 units flooded the 3400 block of Any Way near Mills Branch Dr. and West Lake Houston Parkway.

The stand-off began at 2:30 a.m. when police were called to a shooting after the suspect and his wife got into a fight.

"There's evidence in the garage across the street to indicate that he fired at least ten rounds across a neighborhood street into a house which greatly put the family that was in that house in danger. There were husband, wife and some children inside the house that he fired on."

Police say no one inside the home was injured from those shots.

Besselman says the suspect's wife and their four-year-old daughter got out of the house when first police arrived, but a six-year-old son remained in the home throughout the seven hour stand-off that included negotiation efforts through a loud speaker and sirens.

The little boy walked out of the home behind his father during the surrender, where a SWAT officer picked him up.

"Our doctors are currently looking at him. We have tactical doctors on scene that are checking the child for any injuries, but it appears the child is completely uninjured."

Houston police tell Eyewitness News the suspect is facing at least two felony charges for endangering a child, for firing those shots near kids.
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