Man accused of stealing $164,316 worth of alcohol from his job

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A man was arrested and charged after police say he stole $164,316 worth of alcohol from his job.

John Henderson III is charged with theft after authorities say he stole 1,386 cases of liquor from Settegast Rail Yard on Dec. 31.

Henderson, who is a contract employee for the Rail Yard, reportedly stole a cargo container loaded with alcoholic beverages.

The cargo was being moved from Houston to Illinois when the alleged theft occurred.

A Rail Yard employee told investigators that after all of the contract workers left for the day, a semi-truck attempted to enter the property.

Henderson allegedly approached the driver and let him through.

Henderson told investigators that he did not allow the semi-truck to leave with the cargo container, but his phone records showed large amounts of calls made to numbers not consistent with his job.

Investigators say cell tower data also showed Henderson went to the Acres Homes area, which is the same area the stolen cargo container was located.

Henderson was arrested, but later released on bond.
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