Man steals girl's library card and racks up $475 in fines

WEST ALLIS, Wisconsin -- A thief who snatched a 12-year-old girl's library card is now racking up hundreds of dollars in fines.

Sha'Kiya Hanson discovered her card was stolen and she reported the theft to authorities. Police say a man was spotted using it multiple times at several locations.

"He doesnt look like the kind of person who would do this but apparently I've been mistaken," Sha'Kiya told WITI-TV.

The thief has been apparently using the card to check out books and movies, leaving Sha'Kiya's family facing overdue fines of more than $475. So far, the library has not let the family off the hook for those fees.

"'I'm just frustrated with the whole situation at this point," Sha'Kiya said. "It's a long process and we're still getting the bills from it."

Authorities say the suspect remains at large.