Man punches woman 3 times after fender bender: Police

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Police are searching for a man who assaulted a woman who was trying to get insurance information from him after a wreck.

Surveillance video captured the incident outside of the 99 Cent Store in the 11300 block of Chimney Rock.

On April 10, the victim and the suspect got into a fender-bender in the 5300 block of West Bellfort.

The victim was using her iPad to take a picture of some papers when the suspect began to punch the victim in the kidney area.

"I held up my iPad because I wanted to have a picture of him," Elizabeth Brown said. "So, I held my iPad up like this, had the camera going. And on a sheet of paper, he had a stack like this. I said 'Ok, let me take a picture of it.' At that time, because my hands were held like this, he reached over, belted me three times."

The suspect grabbed papers that the victim used to write down information and then fled the scene.

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