Man accused of spousal abuse leads police on chase with baby inside car

LOS ANGELES -- An assault suspect driving with a baby inside the vehicle led authorities on a chase Tuesday evening in Los Angeles.

California Highway Patrol units were in pursuit of the driver suspected of assaulting an officer during a traffic stop in the East Los Angeles area, although details regarding the alleged assault were not immediately known.

The suspect was leading officers through East L.A. in a Toyota Prius. The man drove on a shredded wheel, causing sparks to fly from the rims.

The suspect eventually pulled over in the Crenshaw District. When he exited, he was holding a child in his arms.

One officer had his arms out for the baby, while another officer held the driver at gunpoint.

After a back-and-forth exchange with officers, the suspect was taken into custody after he handed over the baby.

The child appeared to be unharmed.

Police say the man was initially wanted for spousal abuse.
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