Man goes over waterfall and dies trying to save his dog in North Carolina

TRANSYLVANIA COUNTY, North Carolina -- Authorities found a man who died going over a waterfall while trying to save his dog.

The body of John Shaffer, 42, of Charleston, S.C., was recovered Saturday afternoon at Rainbow Falls, WLOS reported.

On Saturday morning, Shaffer jumped into the water to rescue his dog. He struggled to get out of the water and was carried over the falls.

The dog has not been recovered yet.

Gorges State Park was closed during the recovery of Shaffer's body, but has since reopened.

Lake Toxaway Fire and Rescue Chief Carmon West said this is the first incident at Rainbow Falls since 24-year-old Georgia news anchor Taylor Terrell was swept over the falls in 2016.

U.S. Forest officials say the best way to enjoy a waterfall is at a safe distance.

Authorities also advise to never play in the water above a waterfall because rocks can be slippery and it can be easy to lose balance with bare feet.
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