Man arrested for exposing and pleasuring himself in front of strangers for past several months, police say

BELLAIRE, Texas (KTRK) -- On Christmas morning, when many people were opening presents, police say one man was driving through the streets exposing himself to strangers.

Hector Rodriguez, 20, is accused of driving a white sedan around Bellaire and exposing himself over the past several months.

The reports started back in October. One of his alleged victims was a jogger pushing a baby in a stroller, according to investigators.

Bellaire assistant police chief, Onésimo Lopez, said victims' descriptions led to Rodriguez's arrest at his home this week.

"He'd actually done it at a bus stop and the woman didn't report it right away, because she was trying to get on the bus," Lopez said.

Police said they have spoken with a few witnesses, but they believe there are many more victims who haven't reported it.

"Truthfully, I probably just would have let it go and not even thought to call the police, but I have three small children and just the thought of this happening to one of them, I just didn't want that to happen," said one alleged victim.

The victim asked ABC13 not to reveal her identity. She said Rodriguez crept alongside her as she and a friend jogged on Christmas Day.

"I made my friend look just to confirm, and then we started running in the opposite direction," the victim said.

Rodriguez's alleged victims are thankful he's been caught, and hope others will come forward.

"It just made me so sad for him, like that's what his Christmas morning was. He didn't have anything better to do," the alleged victim said.

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