Texas man charged $30k for helicopter ride after snake bite

HASKELL, Texas (KTRK) -- A north Texas man who survived a rattlesnake bite is now trying to survive a second bite, the massive ambulance helicopter bill.

Hugh Sparks was bitten by a snake and went to the nearest hospital in Haskell, Texas.

Sparks says doctors there told him he had to take a helicopter ride to a bigger hospital in Abilene.

According to Sparks, he offered to have his son drive him the 47 miles there, but they said no.

He says the most traumatic part of experience was not being told he might die, but the moment he was left paying nearly $30,000 for that helicopter ride.

"I was thinking yes you probably saved my life. I love you guys. I want to pay you. Then I got the helicopter bill and then, and then my mood changed," said Sparks.

Sparks says he didn't expect that snake bite to cost $30,000.

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