Man caught on camera trying to frame his ex for arson

CINCINNATI, Ohio (KTRK) -- A 43-year-old man is being accused of plotting an elaborate scheme that involved setting his own house on fire.

According to WXIX, a grand jury issued an indictment for Paul Hicks on two counts of aggravated arson, insurance fraud and three counts of perjury.

Officials said on June 15, 2015, two masked individuals entered the home owned by Hicks, stole property, and poured gasoline throughout the residence before igniting it.

The incident was caught on video by a home surveillance system.

The sheriff's office said initially Hicks told detectives that his ex-girlfriend was seen in the video, but their investigation revealed that Hicks had the intention of framing his ex-girlfriend to gain custody of their child and collect insurance money.

On Jan. 16, Hicks turned himself in at the Clermont County Sheriff's Office and was taken into custody without incident.

He was released on Jan. 17 on an own recognizance bond.

The sheriff's office is also looking to identify other individuals involved in the arson.

A new court date for Hicks has not yet been set.

The investigation remains ongoing.
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