Man arrested for allegedly having 3 wives in 3 different states

A Maine man who is accused of being married to three different women in three different states is behind bars in Ohio.

A warrant was issued when 43-year-old Michael Middleton missed a court appearance Thursday in New Hampshire. A day later, he was arrested in Ohio. The Franklin County Sheriff's Department tweeted that the "Cupid of Chaos" was awaiting extradition.

Charges were brought in New Hampshire because Middleton married a woman there while also being married to women in Alabama and Georgia.

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Alicia Grant told WMTW-TV that Middleton, whom she married in 2013, made her feel like he cared about her, but eventually scammed her out of $20,000.

"He makes you feel special, he makes you feel like he actually cares about you and then he marries you, abuses you, drains your assets and leaves," Grant said.

Grant said she had no idea he had other wives, but they eventually found out about each other. She said that she's angry and embarrassed.

Grant said she's been trying to track down Middleton for years to have their marriage annulled.

"The problem is that I can't go and get married to someone else because it's still on record that I'm married," Grant said.

She said if she ever sees him again, she'd probably have this to say to him: "How dare you? How dare you think that this was OK?"

Middleton is being held in Franklin County Jail on warrants from Maine stemming from charges of domestic violence, violation of protective order, driving under the influence, driving without a valid license, and violating conditions of release, according to a statement from the Franklin County Sheriff's Office. He has an extradition hearing scheduled for Friday, ABC News reports.

Middleton was arrested after officials received a phone tip saying that there were warrants out on him, and was in the area, according to the Franklin County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies went to a location in Columbus, Ohio, where the tipster said Middleton would soon be arriving, and he was taken into custody without incident.
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ABC News and The Associated Press contributed to this report.
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