Man accused of feeding child crystal methamphetamine

HONEY BROOK, Pennsylvania -- A Pennsylvania man earlier accused of leaving three young children in a running vehicle with a gun now faces charges that he gave one of the boys crystal methamphetamines.

Chester County prosecutors say 43-year-old Harold Nuse is charged with child endangerment, drug delivery and other offenses.

He and his wife, Brandy Nuse, were already behind bars for allegedly leaving her three little boys in a car with a gun on Christmas Eve.

Now, Harold faces additional charges after one of the boys told investigators his stepfather forced him to eat crystal meth.

Harold and Brandy Nuse were already in custody for the Christmas Eve incident, which happened in a Walmart parking lot in West Sadsbury.

Around 3:45 a.m., state troopers spotted the couple's Silverado parked with the engine running. Inside, they allegedly found a 9mm pistol on the console, bullets stashed above the visor, and Brandy Nuse's three boys, ages 11, 8, and 6, sleeping on the backseat.

"This was a combo of luck and good work by the troopers. They were out there on a DUI stop. To see this, have the curiosity to go over there and look. They saved those kids' lives," said District Attorney Tom Hogan.

Eventually, Harold and Brandy Nuse came out of the Walmart and told investigators they'd been shopping. They were immediately arrested and charged with child endangerment.

Later, during an interview, one of the boys told an investigator that he had been forced to consume crystal meth, a drug that Hogan says is making a big return to the region.

"Crystal meth is a very violent stimulant. It makes you irrational and act out violently. And this is a warning: crystal meth is coming back into southeastern Pennsylvania," Hogan said.

Nuse is being held on $75,000 cash bail. The children are safe with family.

Anyone with any further information is asked to contact Trooper Aaron Botts at 610-486-6280.
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