Man accused of fatally shooting next-door neighbor's dog

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A family is grieving the loss of a pet and their next-door neighbor is accused of shooting it.

Investigators said a 14-year-old girl was walking the 8-month-old dog by the leash.

The dog, named Lopso, was raised by Erika Bradley and her family from birth.

On Wednesday, her daughter, Candice, took Lopso to an empty lot next to the home of the man now charged with animal cruelty.

She said 72-year-old McCoy Holcomb walked up to her.

"He was saying something about being on his grass. This wasn't his property," she said. "Then he pulled a gun out and shot Lopso four times. Then he said bring your other dogs out and I'll do the same to them."

Bradley said she has had problems with her neighbor before.

"He's obsessed about his grass," she said. "We make it a point not to get anywhere near his lawn."

Holcomb was arrested Wednesday and charged with felony cruelty to an animal. A prosecutor asked for a high bond because he shot the family pet in front of a juvenile. It was set at $50,000 and according to jail records, he made bail.

"I'm devastated," said the middle school student. "I loved him. He was scared when he saw that man walking up."

A relative of Holcomb said the family has no comment on the case.
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