CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Man accused of driving drunk on mouthwash

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Man accused of driving drunk on mouthwash (KTRK)

A man was caught on police body cam video slumped over with a mouthwash bottle behind the wheel of a car. Police say the vehicle was in 'drive' and his foot was on the brake.

It happened on a highway in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The driver, Anthony Sierra, narrowly missed hitting several other vehicles. Police say Sierra drank a bottle of mouthwash prior to getting on the road.

According to KOAT-TV, Sierra has eight DWI convictions and his drivers license has been suspended 21 times.

One driver told the 911 operator, "I am behind a drunk driver. He is driving horribly on the freeway. I've seen him almost hit a couple of cars."

Sierra later stopped in the middle of an intersection by an exit ramp.

Police claim Sierra was so drunk at the time of his arrest, they could not do a sobriety test.
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