Man accused of dismembered girlfriend's body asked friend to help cover up murder

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Man accused of dismembered ex-girlfriend's body asked friend to help cover up murder

The man who is accused of killing and dismembering his girlfriend's body allegedly tried to get an old acquaintance to help him cover up the crime.

Eyewitness News obtained exclusive details on what happened hours after Jeffrey McDonald allegedly killed his girlfriend Rebecca Suhrhenrich, and dumped her body near Greens Bayou.

Investigators believe McDonald killed Suhrhenrich on Thursday, July 26.

Authorities say the morning after, McDonald showed up to an old acquaintance's apartment searching for assistance.

"He had a little hole on top of his head, a big gash on his arm, and his shirt was wrinkled," McDonald's friend, Hazel Mitchell, said.

"He looked like he had been in a tussle or a fight with somebody," Mitchell said.

She told Eyewitness News that McDonald insisted that he received the cuts after running through some bushes.

When McDonald showed up to her apartment asking to borrow money, Mitchell said she had no idea he would soon be arrested for murder.

Later on that evening, Mitchell took McDonald to a nearby convenience store.

Surveillance video shows McDonald wearing a white shirt and black pants while walking around the store.

However, when they left the store, Mitchell says McDonald admitted he was on PCP and confessed to a murder.

"He said, 'I killed a white woman,'" Mitchell recalled. "Oh lord. Why would you tell me something like that? I'm thinking he's on PCP, so he's confused."

Mitchell says McDonald then allegedly confessed to also killing a cat.

A few minutes later, McDonald went to Mitchell's closet and changed into her clothes while making other demands.

"'I'm going to need you to help me cut up the body,'" Mitchell said.

Mitchell says she had to raise a hammer and hit her kitchen counter before he left.

She also admitted to texting a number of friends about McDonald's behavior, but she wasn't sure if he was making up the story because he was high on PCP.

Once Mitchell saw the arrest on TV, she reached out to authorities.

Investigators told Eyewitness News that Mitchell was a credible witness who provided important evidence in the case.

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Rebecca Suhrheinrich's body believed to be dismembered by man she was dating, police say

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