30-year-old hiker survives 3 days without food, water while injured

MALIBU, California -- A 30-year-old hiker who was reported missing survived three days without food and water in Malibu Creek State Park.

Authorities said Wednesday that Marcelo Santos went missing Sunday while hiking in the area.

Santos somehow suffered a severe knee injury and was separated from his backpack, lights and cellphone. Despite not having food or water for three days, he never gave up, authorities said.

"The canyon at night, the temperatures in the park were in the low 30s. So knowing that he was out there with basic clothing and no real supplies. We had his backpack with everything. We were concerned for the exposure," L.A. County Sheriff's Deputy Steve Marshall said.

Specialist Mark Stevenson said getting into the wooded area took rescuers two hours to just get into before they could actually conduct a proper search.

Santos managed to drag himself down the mountain where he'd hurt himself and got to a Salvation Army camp, where someone helped him contact rescuers.

He was taken to West Hills Medical Center, where he is being treated for his injuries.
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