Mail carrier surprises mom suffering from COVID-19 and her family

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Wednesday, December 16, 2020
Mail carrier surprises mom with COVID-19 and her family
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It's the season of giving and this mail carrier surprised a mother with COVID-19 with a nice treat!

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Houston family members forced to quarantine at home when their mom caught COVID-19 were delivered a surprise, thanks to their regular mail carrier.

In the spirit of giving, a mail carrier left Lisette LeJeune a goodie bag on her front porch filled with canned soup, cookies and gummies.

LeJeune also found a nice note from the mail carrier wishing her and her two sons a speedy recovery.

It was only after she checked her door bell camera that LeJeune realized it was her mail carrier spreading the love and good cheer.

"So I open the door. Of course, I was wearing my mask, and I told her not to put the mail in my mail box because her and I are both touching it and I was positive with COVID-19," LeJeune said. "So I told her I would put a bucket in front of my door, so she could just drop it in and she said 'Ok, thank you.' I was checking the front door, expecting packages, and I saw there was a bag with food."

LeJeune said she was a little emotional that a complete stranger took the time to drop off a goodie bag.

She said she plans to repay the favor with a small gift in return.

LeJeune also said she has gotten past her symptoms, and her two sons are not showing any signs of the virus.