Magnolia family learns home caught fire during storms while dropping off daughter at college

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Friday, August 20, 2021
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What made things worse was that they found out while they were dropping off their daughter at Texas Tech for her first year of college.

MAGNOLIA, Texas (KTRK) -- A family found out their house went up in flames over a lightning strike during a trip that was supposed to mark a joyous achievement.

The Taylors drove eight hours to Lubbock on Tuesday to drop their daughter off for her first year at Texas Tech University.

During their trip, the family got a call saying a lightning strike sparked a fire at their home in Magnolia, which essentially destroyed their home.

What concerned the Taylors the most was the six animals that were in the house. Their neighbors had been showing up nightly to feed them.

Despite their loss, the Taylors said they're thankful for the neighbors who rushed into the burning home. They were able to save all but one animal.

"I can't tell you of the heroic efforts that were made by neighbors," said Robert Taylor. "[The] fire department and people that were coming up and taking their lives into danger, because the house was engulfed in seven minutes."

In a twist of irony, their son's girlfriend, who works for a 911 call center, heard the call that came in and quickly alerted their son.

Either way, the Taylors said they've remained in Lubbock to see their daughter off to college and will deal with everything that comes with the loss of a home when they get back to Magnolia on Friday.

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