Lyft driver fights off passenger who tried to steal cell phone and purse

Houston, Texas (KTRK) -- Police say Houston firefighters came to the rescue of a woman who was robbed, and even chased down the robbery suspect and held him until police arrived.

It was around 4 a.m. on Sunday. A Lyft driver, who we're identifying as Sherry, stopped her car after having a problem with the Lyft app.

Next thing she knew, she saw 23-year-old Antwaun Hurd fall out of another Lyft car that was moving.

She was stunned by what happened and continued to follow the other Lyft car to see what was happening.

Hurd continued to run down the road. She said he was crying.

What she didn't realize is that Hurd had just allegedly robbed a passenger inside of the car before he fell out. Then he ran up to Sherry's car. She stopped her car. She said Hurd claimed he was the victim of a robbery, but in reality, he was actually a robber.

She said he pleaded for help.

"Help me. They've robbed me," said Sherry.

Just as she started to call 911, he grabbed her phone and then reached into her car through the driver's side window, across her body and grabbed her purse, which was sitting on the passenger's seat.

"He dove right over me to reach for the passenger's seat and get the purse and jump out the car but he wasn't quick enough to jump out the car cause I hit drive so now he was hanging in the window," said Sherry.

Sherry said she feared for her life so she hit the gas.

"I'm thinking if he's this bold the next thing he's going to do is pull out some ammunition and I'm dead," she said.

She says Hurd begged her stop so she did.

"Put the car in stop. He still yanked my purse and ran off with my purse," said Sherry.

She says he ran into a nearby parking garage along Jefferson in downtown Houston. As all of this was happening, a Houston fire truck was out on a call.

The firefighters came to her assistance, and held the suspect until police arrived.

Sherry had injuries to two fingers when the purse was ripped from her hand.

"I think (the firefighter) is a hero and very fast. He ran for him and they got him. I'm so glad that they were there," said Sherry.

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