Lyft driver recorded 'belligerent' man in back of car moments before attack

TOMBALL, Texas (KTRK) -- Lyft driver Terrence Gordon said he was making the rounds this past weekend and earning some cash until a stop brought him to the Bombshells in Tomball.

"I expected to pick up a woman (according to the app)," Gordon said, "But it was a drunk guy. He was acting crazy."

Gordon said someone called a Lyft for 23-year-old Joseph Ortiz, who was drunk and belligerent, but a deputy constable at the bar, he said, told him to take Ortiz to his final destination.

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"That's a tough situation," Gordon said. "I didn't want to disrespect the officer."

However, just two minutes down the road, Gordon said that Ortiz became uncontrollable.

"He was yelling and grabbing me real hard," he said.

Gordon started recording some of it on his phone as Ortiz was yelling to let him get out.

Gordon drove back to the Bombshells to drop him off, but when he didn't leave him right at the door, Gordon said Ortiz punched him a few times in the head and scratched him.

"After he hit me I grabbed him and pulled him out," Gordon said. "It took some time but I pulled him out."

Gordon waited for Harris County Pct. 4 Deputy Constables to arrive on scene.

"It was really unfortunate, because I was there for a couple hours and I missed out on some money," he said.

Ortiz was arrested and charged with assault-bodily injury.

"I did press charges," Gordon said. "I'm working on that right now too."

Gordon reported the incident to Lyft, and is now waiting on his court date.

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