LOTTO FEVER: Should you join an office pool?

There is now more than $2 billion dollars up for grabs this week with the Mega Millions and Powerball.

The Mega Millions is now offering a historic $2 billion jackpot and it has Americans everywhere dreaming to hit it big.

But, there are things you should be aware of before joining an office pool.

If you and a few co-workers decide on an office pool ticket and it is a winner,
you may potentially find yourself in a lawsuit with years in court in order to settle the winnings.

Lottery officials and lawyers say co-workers should get everything in writing before throwing money into an office pool.

Some other tips:

  • Only enter with people you trust.

  • Create rules of the pool.

  • Assign a pool leader who will keep track of the money.

  • Make photocopies of the ticket for each pool member.

  • And remember, keep your group consistent.

Even if you win a small amount and then you roll it forward, do not add more people.
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