Man caught on video chasing down tire through Houston traffic on I-45

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Austin is the city traditionally known for keeping things weird, but what happens on Houston highways might just give our state's capital a run for its money.

From stopping traffic to propose to a significant other to spools rolling down the freeway like tumbleweeds, Houston drivers might say they've seen it all.

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Houston, we have a spool problem.

Well, now they've got another incident to add to the list after a driver chased his runaway tire down I-45 near downtown on Sunday around 3:30 p.m.

The unfortunate event for that Houston driver, identified as Mitch Chapman, was all caught on camera by Rafael Sanchez.

Chapman's tire rolled toward cars on the freeway, but he finally caught up with it.

Chapman didn't appear to be too bothered by his rough times being captured in the video for all to see.

After Sanchez tweeted about what he saw, Chapman replied to his thread, saying that the ignition in his car just went out, too.

Sanchez wrote back, saying, "Hope the rest of the year goes smooth."

We're hoping all those bumps in the road smooth out for Chapman, too.

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