4 children, 2 adults dead after getting trapped in Indiana house fire

LOGANSPORT, Indiana -- Six people, including four children, are dead after getting trapped in a Logansport, Indiana house fire Wednesday morning.

The call for the fire came out just before 2 a.m., reports WTTV.

Cass County Fire Lt. Steve Krispen said law enforcement officials arrived on the scene first. They rescued two adults who were transported to the hospital.

But there were still six people inside the home who they were not able to reach. The home was 80 percent involved with heavy flames at the time.

Fire crews tried to get inside and rescue the others, but they were unsuccessful.

The house is in a rural, non-hydrated area, so they had to transport water to battle the flames. Crews were out of water within five minutes, and they had to stop fighting the fire until they got more water. Also, the freezing temperatures made it more difficult.

Nearly four hours later, the fire was still active and crews haven't been able to recover the victims' bodies yet.

The fire marshal is investigating to determine the cause of the fire.

The sheriff's department said they did not hear any smoke detectors when they arrived at the scene.